The company was established and started as a small privately financed company to manufacture exhausts pipes. It was – and it is today as well- the most important thing for us: high quality and the individual requirements of our customers

The company was registered as ZEUS Limited Partnership. The name ZEUS means the use of the best materials for our products and the top priority of first class workmanship of our staff.(

With the work experience in the exhausts manufacture the company decided to have new challenges and to gain new experience. Since then we have been producing metal spares for the furniture branch.

After an open tendering with financial support the scope of activity of the company was expanded. The new service and the car-wash contribute to increase the revenues and help the diversification of the company. Number of employees: 8 people.(

We employ 40 technical staff members in the production and 6 colleagues in the corporate leadership. The production hall takes about 1200m2 and there is 400m2 storage available for raw materials and finished products. Today we have a range about 70 feet and base frames in our collection and we use about 250 tons of raw materials per year. We help our customers to work out new design and new shape of metal parts. We are a great firm for manufacturing customizable products. We observe the quality in the raw materials as well as in our leading materials strictly. We have a stick initial inspection, the ratio of deficient products is 0,004%. After a conclusion of an agreement with our new corporate client we launched a new product into serial production. Next to the line of the metal spares we connected in series a new line for the production of miscellaneous metal pipes and sheets. Today we carry a range of 50 articles for this customer. (

Our philosophy

Metal is our passion. We have been passionate about creating remarkable products of high quality. One thing is especially important to us: you and your individual needs! That’s why we use the best materials for ZEUS products and first class workmanship is the top priority for our staff. The protection our environment is important for us as well. The selective waste collection and the coaching of our staff belong to the daily life of our company. Our mission is to protect the planet for the next generation.