Light Project 2018-LPP1-010 = Metal is our passion –’T’ straight line
is being implemented within the framework of Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020:
Project partners: ZEUS Exhausts Kft. – ZGR Kovačić
Duration of the project: 1/5/2019 – 31/10/2020
Total project budget: EUR 320,030.79
EU co-funding: EUR 240,225.59
Project goal:
The partners have recognized the necessity of co-operation and new product offering in the furniture industry. ZEUS Kft. has developed the ‘T’ straight line, a special metal profile for furniture making, within the framework of the joint project. This profile prevents the solid timber table surface of 2-3m2 from becoming deformed. By integrating the ‘T’ straight line element, the original manufacturing parameters and aesthetic appearance of the tables can be preserved in every climate zone and in case of varying humidity. Within the framework of the partnership, ZGR Kovačić uses a new technology of chrome plating of this product. Trivalent chromium plating is a new technology on the Croatian market. The product, which has been developed in this way, has become an indispensable element in manufacturing solid timber furniture.
Project activities:
Serial production of the ‘T’ straight line is based upon technological developments, which necessitate purchase of various types of equipment by both project partners. ZEUS Exhausts Kft. will purchase punch presses, which will be installed in the new production hall to be constructed in the course of the project implementation. ZGR Kovačić will change the technology of chrome plating, which is the best available technology (BAT) and the new generation of trivalent chromium plating. The result of this new method of finishing is the quality improvement of the aesthetic appearance of products. Air pollution will be reduced through the new galvanizing process and hexavalent chromium disappears completely from wastewater, thus complying with the regulations of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
The results:
The innovations will result with respect to both partners in electricity savings and reduced costs of waste treatment, in addition to productivity growth. The work environment will be improved. Thereby, a safer workplace will be created for the employees.

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